Spiritual art abstracted through the thoughts and emotions of oneself 


Awakening into 5D

When we awaken from 3D into 5D we soon begin to realise that we are not just a single human walking the earth. We are infact all connected

April 10 2023

My awakening 

On April the 10th 2023 my awakening began. Suddenly I realised my world of which I thought was my reality Suddenly become nul and void


Body and soul, captured through TIME

Throughout my life I have always known there is more to life then just what we see in front of our eyes. I have travelled a lot trying to gain  a understanding about the unknown. I tried to learn different types of spiritual guidance but nothing would sink in and then I woke up and nothing has been the same since.

We're all connected

Slowly millions of people all over the world are starting to Awaken. What does this mean?. We are beginning to realise that we are not alone. We are in fact all connected on a energetic and spiritual level. In fact we are all one just in different masks. 

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